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Wood Sign Posts

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wood sign postsAmerican Timber and Steel’s Wood Sign Posts are in use across the country. We offer our Sign Posts in several wood species and two treatments. Our Texas and Ohio locations manufacture our posts utilizing Texas grown Southern Yellow Pine. We then treat the posts with CCA to a retention of 0.60 lbs. per cubic foot, which meets the American Wood Preservers Association Standards. In California, our posts are manufactured with either Douglas Fir or Hem Fir. The posts are then treated with ACZA to a retention of 0.40 lbs. per cubic foot, in order to meet the American Wood Preservers Association Standards. All of our posts can be pre-drilled with bolt holes and/or break-away holes to allow you less installation time. Our Sign Posts range in size from 4 x 4 - 8’ through 6 x 8 - 28’, with many sizes in stock.