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Wood Guardrail Posts

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wood guardrail posts

American Timber and Steel is the leading manufacturer of wood guardrail posts in North America. With stocking locations across the United States, we stock and supply more wood posts and blocks than any other manufacturer. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have the ability to provide nearly all post and block requirements in the United States.

Specifications for posts and blocks vary significantly from state to state. American Timber and Steel specializes in meeting those specifications for each individual state. While we can manufacture our posts out of any species required, our primary species of Southern Yellow Pine has the strength and superior treat-ability characteristics to fit the needs and meet the requirements of almost every state and province in North America. We have the ability to manufacture our posts and blocks with either a smooth (S4S) surface or a rough sawn surface to meet your needs. While our CCA treatment meets most state specifications, we can also have our products treated with ACQ, Creosote, Pentachlorophenol, ACZA, or nearly any other AWPA, FHWA and state specification which may be required for your specific requirement.

All of our products comply with the requirements of AASHTO M-133 for wood preservation as well as meeting AASHTO M-168 for the physical and strength characteristics. All of our products are put through rigorous quality control testing to ensure wood quality as well as treatment quality before we approve them for use. American Timber and Steel provides all required certifications and Wood Guardrail Posts documentations necessary for our products to be used on highway projects across America.

We also stock a full line of steel guardrail and all of the hardware and fasteners you will need for a complete installation of the guardrail system.

American Timber and Steel is a member of the American Traffic Safety Services Association. We even have our own full scale pendulum crash test facility to allow us to analyze our new products for safety and effectiveness.