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Square Bollards

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Wood Square Bollards

Over the years, American Timber and Steel has made hundreds of different designs of Wood Bollards. While we can manufacture your Square Bollards to nearly any design imaginable, we have several standard Square Wood Bollards for you to choose from.

Our Bollards are made from our Texas grown Southern Yellow Pine. For our standard Square Bollards, we plane the wood on all four sides (S4S) in order to provide you with a great looking, clean, and uniform bollard. We can then chamfer or trim the top to give you a more decorative look. The final milling is to drill any required holes to allow rope or cable to pass through.

Then the Bollards go to the treating cylinder. We treat your Square Bollards with our environmentally friendly ACQ to a chemical retention of 0.40 lbs. per cubic foot.

These Square Wood Bollards work great lining parking lots, bike paths, buildings and anywhere you want to prevent vehicles from driving through. If you also need to discourage pedestrian traffic, try our bollards with rope or chain strung between each post.

Wood Square Bollards

We also offer a collapsible bollard in order to allow maintenance and emergency vehicles access. Coming soon will be our removable bollard which will leave no large hole when the bollard is removed. These are especially made for areas with bike traffic to prevent bicyclists from hitting an unseen collapsible bollard in the down position.

So, choose from our standard line or design your own. Rest assure that you will be using the best looking, most cost effective bollards available anywhere.

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