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Sea Wall and Marine Timbers

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Sea Wall and Marine Timbers

Another specialty line for American Timber and Steel is our timber material for Marine and Seawall applications. Our experience and knowledge have given us the resources to offer you these fine timber materials for such uses as Fender Pole, Wales, Chocks, Bridge Fender Systems, Pier Fendering, Structural Supports for Pier Docks, Dolphin Clusters, Shoreline Stabilization, and Guide Walls for Locks and Dams.

American Timber and Steel can meet any grade requirement needed for your project, whether it is a standard #2 grade or a stronger grade up to Dense Select Structural. Our timbers can be provided in Rough Sawn or Smooth Four Sides finishes. We also offer Tongue and Groove timbers so your seawall can be interlocked.

We prefer the use of Southern Yellow Pine because of its high strength and its ability to have the treating chemicals penetrate deep inside for long lasting protection. But we can also produce your timbers out of most other wood species, if you prefer.

Sea Wall and Marine Timbers

We offer various levels of treatment retentions to fulfill the needs of your project. Usually these Sea Wall Timber Products are treated with either CCA or ACQ. The CCA treatment can be provided with treatments of 0.40 pounds per cubic foot (pcf), 0.60 pcf, or even higher retentions for salt water applications, such as 0.80 pcf, 1.0 pcf, and 2.5 pcf. If your project requires a more environmentally friendly treatment, we have our ACQ treatment available with retentions of 0.40 pcf and 0.60 pcf. Kiln Drying After Treatment (KDAT) is another option that can be utilized for these projects. KDAT helps to stabilize the wood and helps reduce the shrinkage of the timbers after construction.

So, for all your Sea Wall or Marine Timber needs, please contact our sales professionals today.