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Landscape Timbers

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Landscaping Timber

For over 25 years, American Timber and Steel has been supplying top quality Landscape Timbers for retaining walls, flower beds, raised gardens, parking bumpers, stairways, and to line driveways. Landscape Timbers are the “natural” choice of landscape professionals everywhere.

When American Timber and Steel talks about Landscape Timbers, we’re talking about big, strong timbers that are treated right. You can buy the rounded side “treated” landscape timbers from your store “down the road”, but don’t expect them to last long. Those “peeler cores” are a byproduct of plywood which is left over after they take all of the good plywood veneers off of the outside. This core is not treatable but just colored to look treated. We don’t want you to waste your money on a product which will rot away after just a few years.

Landscaping Timbers

Our standard Landscape Timber sizes are 6x6, 6x8, and 8x8, although other sizes are available. The standard length is 8’, although timbers 20’ and longer are available.

We carry full sized rough sawn timbers, for a more rustic, rough look, and surfaced timbers, for a more cleaner, uniform look. While the rough Landscape Timbers vary in size a bit, the surfaced Landscape Timbers are planed down before treating to a uniform size, about a half an inch smaller than the size listed.

For residential use, our timbers are only available treated with the non-arsenic based ACQ. If the Landscape Timbers are for commercial use, you have your choices of ACQ or CCA treatments. Both will give you decades of service.

So, to order the Landscape Timbers that will look great and last long, call our timber experts today.