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Laminated Timbers

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Laminated Timbers

American Timber and Steel is the supplier of choice for your Laminated Timber requirements. Laminated Timbers allow for small farm grown trees to be utilized to make giant timbers, which are stronger and less expensive than solid sawn timbers. These Laminated Timbers can be manufactured in a couple of ways.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) are layers of veneer, glued together like plywood. They are designed for interior header beams and scaffold plank type applications. Our LVL’s are available in 1 3/4” to 3 1/2” thicknesses, widths from 7 1/2” to 24” and lengths up to 60’. LVL’s are designed for interior use only and are untreated.

Glulams are pieces of lumber which are glued together to make a larger timber. They are designed for use in both interior and exterior applications. In exterior applications, Glulams should be treated with either CCA or Pentachloraphenol. They are generally used as support beams and columns. Glulams are available in 3 1/8” to 8 3/4” thicknesses, widths from 6 7/8” to 28 7/8”, while lengths are nearly unlimited, depending on your projects requirements.

No matter what your project requires, American Timber and Steel is there to provide the quality timber product you need. So, call our engineered timber sales professional today.