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Timber Lagging

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Timber Lagging

American Timber and Steel produces and supplies quality timbers used in many highway, industrial, and commercial lagging applications. American Timber and Steel can meet any timber specification required.

Whether it is the strongest domestic softwood, Southern Yellow Pine, the reliable Douglas Fir timber, or the old standby Mixed Oak timbers, American Timber and Steel can supply any of them in all grades from a low grade of #3 to the highest grade of DS 65 or Select Structural. We can also produce your lagging in a rough sawn or smooth four sides finishes.

Timber LaggingKeep in mind that contrary to popular perception, Southern Yellow Pine is actually stronger than Oak. While Oak is harder and does not flex as much, Southern Yellow Pine has a substantially higher breaking point. So, choose the species right for your needs.

While some applications are considered temporary, even though they might be left in place, they are not required to be treated. But for those applications that require stability and longevity, we can treat your Timber Lagging with the customary CCA or ACQ treatments. We also have ACZA, Pentachlorophenol, or Creosote treatments.

While the following charts list our most standard items and treatments, we have many options available. Contact our timber sales professionals today for all of your Timber Lagging needs.