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Ranch Entrance Kits

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Our Ranch Entrance Timber Kits are the perfect complement to our fencing products. All of the poles included in this kit are our beautiful “No Taper Poles”. The upright poles come with a saddle cut top, ready to accept the cross timber. The cross timber pole sits right in the saddle cut upright pole. Each set comes with long, heavy duty structural screws to hold the cross timber securely in place. All of the poles are made from our very strong, Texas grown, Southern Yellow Pine. We then treat these entrance poles with Copper Chromated Arsenate to provide you long lasting protection against rot and decay.

We can also manufacture a custom made wood entrance sign to hang from your new pole structure. We laminate Southern Yellow Pine into panels up to four feet high and 12 feet long. Our sign specialists then rout out your custom design to meet your specifications. We hand paint these signs to add to their beauty and character.

These Ranch Entrance Timber Kits and Signs can truly add a whole new look to your home or business. The options are nearly endless since we custom manufacture these systems, so that yours can be unique. Check out our website for more available options or give our experts a call today.

Ranch Entrance Kits
Item # Cross Poles Uprights Lbs Each Price Per Kit
RE62408-136 8" x 16' 6" x 24' 1617 $755.00
RE62408-230 8" x 20' 6" x 24' 1745 $815.00
RE62408-234 8" x 24' 6" x 24' 1873 $890.00
RE10241-136 12" x 16' 10" x 24' 2257 $1,470.00
RE10241-230 12" x 20' 10" x 24' 2545 $1,615.00
RE10241-234 12" x 24' 10" x 24' 2833 $1,785.00
RE12211-234 12" x 24' 12" x 21' 3171 $2,215.00
RE12211-238 12" x 28' 12" x 21' 3623 $2,530.00
RE12211-23D 12" x 28' 12" x 24' 6024 $3,975.00
  & 12" x 24'      

**To determine length of the upright poles - allow for a minimum of 4-5 feet in ground clearance
**Hardware Included
**FOB Norwalk, OH