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Wood Piling If you are looking for the strongest and the best treated piling available, you’ve come to the right place. Our piling is made from Southern Yellow Pine, which is the strongest and most treatable domestically grown softwood in America.

American Timber and Steel’s Southern Yellow Pine Piling is specified throughout the country for bridges, walkways, foundations, and more. Our standard CCA piling treatment of 0.60 lbs. per cubic foot works great even in fresh water applications, but we can also treat our pilings for your salt water installations.

Our pilings are available in 8’ to 40’ lengths and in diameters from an 8” top and a 12” butt. We offer piling treatments of CCA, ACQ, Creosote, and Pentachlorophenol. All piling treatment will meet or exceed the American Wood Preservers Association standards.

So, whether you need pilings for a beach home, resort, golf course, restaurant, amusement park, or marina, call our piling experts today.