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No Taper Poles

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We now manufacture what we call “No Taper Poles”. These poles are uniform in diameter from top to bottom. These “made to order” poles are great for projects which require a more finished look. The uniformity of these poles, make your building project easier to plan and put together. Because these poles are turned, they are also straighter than standard Utility Poles.

We manufacture these poles from our high strength, Texas grown, Southern Yellow Pine. While these poles are great for interior use, they can also be treated for exterior use as well. Interior uses include, log cabins, columns, beams and rafters. The outdoor uses include piling, trellises, columns, railing or almost any outdoor building project you can image.

Our No Taper Poles are available in diameters up to 16 inches and in lengths up to 28 feet. We can even kiln dry your poles, so they will be ready to stain or paint. For more information, visit our website or call our pole experts today!