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Used Guardrail Components

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used guardrail componentsIf your budget is limited and your need is great, used guardrail may be your answer. Our contractors replace hundreds of miles of guardrail on highways every year. Most of what they remove has never been hit or damaged and has years of service life left. After removal, these items are sorted with the damaged items being recycled or scrapped. American Timber and Steel is then able to offer the good quality used guardrail products to you, at just a fraction of the new product cost.

used guardrail componentsWe carry a complete line of used guardrail products. The rail elements are available in both W-Beam and Thrie-Beam. The 6” I-Beam Steel Guardrail Posts range from 5’ 6” through 7’. For wood posts, you have the option of 6x8’s, 8x8’s and even 10x10’s, along with our very popular 7” diameter round guard rail posts. And of course, we have a great selection of used hardware as well.

Besides being re-used as guardrail, these used guardrail items are such a bargain that our customers have come up with hundreds of other uses. The rails are popular as wind breaks, storage bin walls and cattle chutes. Landscapers love the used wood guardrail posts for retaining walls, decorative borders and as wood bollards. The posts already have a ” hole drilled in them which is great for rope or cable to be strung through.

In order to keep our prices low, our Used Guardrail items are generally sold in bulk. We have material available across the USA ready for immediate shipment. Give our guardrail experts a call today.

USED 12' 6" W-Beam Guardrail 
Item # : FHWB126-0U0
Weight: 95 lbs
USED 25' W-Beam Guardrail 
Item # : FHWB250-0U0 
Weight:: 179 lbs
USED 12' 6" Thrie Beam Guardrail 
Item # : FHTB126-0U0 
Weight:: 145 lbs
USED 5' 9" Steel Guardrail Post 
Item # : FHI8569-6U0 
Weight:: 95 lbs