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5 Star Snake Rail

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Snake American Timber and Steel is proud to introduce our Snake Rail Fencing. This style of fencing is often seen in historical photographs and paintings as it was one of the early forms of fencing in America. This fencing does not require posts, so it was an excellent option for a time that didn’t have a diesel powered drill truck at the ready.

Our Snake Rail Fencing rails are made from Southern Yellow Pine. The eleven foot long rails are very similar to our regular split rail rails, except that the ends are not taper cut. After drying, these rails are then treated with ACQ to a retention of .25 lbs per cubic foot.

Most installations have a finished fence height of between 30” and 45” (6-9 pcs high) and because of the overlapped ends and the zigzagged rails, each 11’ section covers about seven feet of run. Of course you can adjust the amount of the back and forth “snaking” of the rails, if you desire.

You can add posts, angle bracing or even fasten each successive rail to the lower rail with a screw, if stability is a concern. But the simplistic form of this natural looking early American fence has a style all its own.

So if you would like a look of history and bygone days, with the treatment of today, that will help your fence last decades, try our Snake Rail Fence. Give our fencing experts a call today.