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Dimensional Lumber

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Dimensional Lumber

Besides our specialty timbers of every dimension and shape, American Timber and Steel also stocks standard dimensional lumber items for use in decks, docks, gazebos, fences, barns, boardwalks, and more. While we have many grades available, we stock only high grade dimensional lumber.

Our one inch thick boards are stocked in #2 and D&Better grades. The 5/4 inch boards are stocked in Premium grade and our two inch boards are stocked in #1 grade. We offer most items either treated or brite (untreated). Our standard treatment for the one inch and 5/4 inch boards along with our 2 x 4’s and 2 x 6’s is ACQ Plus. ACQ Plus is our environmentally friendly treatment with a water repellant built in. The water repellant helps prevent splitting and checking, which keeps your project looking great. The ACQ retention is 0.25 lbs. per cubic foot for above ground use.

Our 2 x 8’s, 2 x 10’s, and 2 x 12’s are treated with ACQ to 0.40 lbs. per cubic foot. This retention is required by the American Wood Preserves Standards for ground contact. We are one of the few treaters nationwide that stock the wide dimensions in this higher treatment retention. We do this because we know our customers have so many projects where their wood actually touches the ground.

We also offer our treated dimensional products Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT). This drying after treatment increases the woods strength, reduces shrinkage after installation, and stabilizes the wood.

If you need more economical lower grades or higher strength grades, we also have those quickly available. If your project requires other treatments, we also have most other treatments available with short lead times. So, for all of your dimensional lumber needs, give our lumber experts a call today.