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5 Star Split Rail

5 Star Split Rail

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5 Star Split Rail

We use Southern Yellow Pine for its strength and good looks. In addition, it allows the ACQ preservative to penetrate all the way through the wood, which will increase its longevity. That's why our 5 Star Split Rail Fencing will last decades longer than our competitors. The installation of our 5 Star Split Rail is quick and easy. After the post are set the rails just slip right in. Many customers like our 5 Star Split Rail with wire fence to prevent pets from escaping and rodents from entering. Our 5 Star Split Rails have one side trimmed to allow easy fastening of the wire fence and for a more aesthetic look.

We offer 5 Star Split Rail in both 2 rail and 3 rail versions. The rails are available in 11' lengths. Post spacing should be approximately 8" shorter than the rails to allow each rail to over lap one another.

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The Top Ten Reasons why Customers Love 5-Star-Split Rail

5 Star Split Rail Fencing 10. QUALITY- We Treat both the posts and rails to a full, measurable retention to extend the life of your fence.

9. PRICE- With such a low "Per-Foot" cost there is no better value in the fencing world

8. SIMPLICITY- Not all Split Rail is easy to install. Great frustration levels have been achieved with the ‘dowelled end’ style Split Rail sold at most Big Box Stores. There is little room for error with this type of Split Rail.

7. EASE- No need to call the fence company- you can easily install 5 Star Split Rail yourself. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll make more fence per Saturday using 5 Star, than any other fence.

6. FUNCTIONAL- Simply add wire to give this highly sought after decorative fence to add a functional value of keeping things in or out of your yard.

5. MULTIPURPOSE- Add barb wire to the top & use it as a cattle fence. Add a hot wire across the top and turn it into a cattle fence.

4. BEAUTY- 5 Star's Rustic appearance and consistent sizes & styles offer the perfect combination of both.

3. DURABILITY- Southern Yellow Pine retains the treatment chemicals better than any other wood providing 2-3 times the life compared with cedar.

2. VERSATILITY- Round Split Rail & Diamond cut Split Rail all in one product.

And the #1 reason people love 5 Star Split Rail is:

1. APPEAL- The way it looks, the way it lasts & all the things you can do with it!!! Everyone Absolutely Loves Their 5 Star Split Rail Fence!!!

040411116141.6211' SYP SPLIT RAIL - RAIL .25 ACQ
1-59 ($10.00/ea.)
60-1439 ($9.00/ea.)
1440-up ($8.75/ea.)
0306061176333X6- 6 SYP 2 HOLE LINE POST .40 ACQ
1-47 ($10.20/ea.)
48-1439 ($9.25/ea.)
1440-up ($9.00/ea.)
040406117738.44X4- 6 SYP 2 HOLE END POST .40 ACQ
1-23 ($11.70/ea.)
24-1247 ($10.60/ea.)
1248-up ($10.25/ea.)
040406117938.44X4- 6 SYP 2 HOLE CRNR POST .40 ACQ
1-23 ($12.00/ea.)
24-1247 ($10.90/ea.)
1248-up ($10.70/ea.)
030606117466.248" SYP 2 RAIL GATE ACQ (44" WIDTH)
1-4 ($76.60/ea.)
5-up ($63.85/ea.)
030606117580.560" SYP 2 RAIL GATE ACQ (56" WIDTH)
1-4 ($92.25/ea.)
5-up ($78.10/ea.)
030607117638.53X6- 7 SYP 3 HOLE LINE POST .40 ACQ
1-47 ($12.40/ea.)
48-1247 ($11.25/ea.)
1248-up ($10.95/ea.)
040407117744.84X4- 7 SYP 3 HOLE END POST .40 ACQ
1-23 ($13.75/ea.)
24-1055 ($12.50/ea.)
1056-up ($12.10/ea.)
040407117944.84X4- 7 SYP 3 HOLE CRNR POST .40 ACQ
1-23 ($14.10/ea.)
24-1055 ($12.85/ea.)
1056-up ($12.40/ea.)
030607117490.148" SYP 3 RAIL GATE ACQ (44" WIDTH)
1-4 ($95.50/ea.)
5-up ($79.65/ea.)
0306071175105.0560" SYP 3 RAIL GATE ACQ (56" WIDTH)
1-4 ($108.00/ea.)
5-up ($92.60/ea.)
50124EH1101.221/2" x 4" Screw Hook and Eye Hinge 4pc Set
1-9 ($9.95/ea.)
10-up ($8.95/ea.)
50LL0001001.05Split Rail Loop Latch
1-9 ($9.95/ea.)
10-up ($8.95/ea.)
481021247C1.3#10 * 2-1/2" 304 STAINLESS STEEL SCREW 100PK$21.99
481021246C1.152-1/2" #10 GRK R4 SCREW 100PC$11.73
Assembly Recommendations:

5 Star Split Rail Fencing

1. Make certain that you have everything you will need- any screws, nails or metal hardware being used must be stainless steal or Hot Dipped Galvanized. The ACQ treatment will corrode any other metal.

2. For 11’ rails, place your posts 10’ 4” apart. This will give enough room for overlapping the tapered ends of the rails into the holes of the posts for a snug fit. The easiest method for the lay-out and spacing of your post location is to use “mason string” and some florescent “upside down” marking paint. The string is the easiest way to ensure a true straight line. Simply take a wood or metal stake and drive it in the ground about 18” from where you want your first post installed. Tie the end of the string to the stake and wrap it around a few times keeping the string just an inch or two above the ground. Assuming that your fence is going to be in straight lines, place another stake at the corresponding end where you wish to end the first fence row. With a tape measure and your marking paint, measure off in 10’ 4’ increments along the string marking the ground with a dot of paint as you go. Repeat this process with each line of fence that you wish to install. Then simply remove the stakes and string leaving painted dots directly where you need to dig.

3. 3 rail posts are 7’ and 2 rail posts are 6’ tall. It is strongly recommended that you dig your post holes to a minimum of 30” deep for 2 hole and 30 - 40” deep for 3 hole. If at all practical, after you have dug your hole to an acceptable depth, put a shovel full of gravel in the bottom of the hole. This will allow water to drain away from the bottom of the post, ensuring a much longer post life. Place the post in the center of the hole and back fill with the dirt that you have dug out, “tamping” the dirt as you fill is critical for a tight, upright post. For quick and easy tamping, just use the handle end of your shovel and pack the dirt in around the post. It is suggested that for the corners, ends and gate post that you use a “bag cement” mix to provide true structural components to the fence. A useful tip is to pour the “bag cement” in dry as this will allow you time to adjust your post as needed during installation. The moisture from the ground will “set” the cement up in an acceptable amount of time. Leave the dry cement mix about 3” to 4” from the top of the hole and fill the remainder in with excavated dirt.

4. Rail installation should start with the lowest hole first. Simply insert one end of the rail into the hole and push it as far as it will go with out extreme force. Then bring the opposite end in line with the hole on the corresponding post and slide thru. Adjust the overlap of the rail as needed to provide a symmetrical, evenly spaced rail. Repeat this process until all the holes in all of the post have been filled. In some cases it may be necessary to place a nail or screw in to the lap end of the rail into the post to hold it in place. ** Be sure to use a stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized fastener as the ACQ treatment will corrode any other type of fastener.

**Note - If you are installing more than 50 feet of fence we suggest renting a motor driven auger type post-hole digger.